Bring your 3ntr Printer into 2024

OnAdditive is excited to announce a significant aftermarket upgrade for the 3ntr A4 and A2 3D printers. With rapid advancements in both industrial and hobby 3D printing technology, we recognize the need to upgrade these already impressive printers.

We are supercharging these printers with new a new control system, giving them increased printing speeds, improved print quality, automatic bed leveling, and various other user-centric improvements. You can read about them below, and stay tuned for more in our upcoming software and hardware updates!

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Watch The Upgrade Demo Video:

Increase Machine Service Life

Promotes a circular economy by re-using existing machines and reduces e-waste.

Automated Bed Leveling

A built in touch sensor now automatically levels the bed for drastically increased direct bed printing quality.

Easier System To Learn

Discover the simplicity of printing with our new Klipper firmware and new interface

Touch Screen & Web Interface

A new 5in touch screen replaces the LCD display, and a built in print server powers a powerful Web UI.

Build in Print Server & New Web Interface

The A2-FU and A4-FU now feature a built in print server with ample g-code and timelapse storage. This print server enables our new modern, user friendly, customizable web UI. It also allows for macro creation, allowing you to automate procedures and even create your own powerful g-code scripts using the Jinja2 programming language.

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Automatic Mesh Bed Leveling

Using a new touch sensor mounted on the print head, the A2-FU and A4-FU now feature automated mesh bed leveling. This enables direct bed printing with ease, creating serious time savings on large parts by skipping the raft. Each upgrade also comes free with a magnetic G10 build plate, which is ideal for printing large flat parts directly onto the build plate.

All new 5 inch Touch Screen Controls

Gone are the days of the scroll wheel and character matrix LCD, jump into the 21st century with a modern touch screen interface. This screen provides a significantly improved user experience, intuitive controls, a customizable interface and real time print controls. All printer functions are accessible from this screen.

Have An Older System To Upgrade?

If you have an older industrial printer gather gathering dust in a corner, why not upgrade and refurbish it instead of getting an entirely new system? OnAdditive is looking for new projects, so reach out if you've got something interesting!

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