Elevating FDM Printing Beyond Expectations:

At OnAdditive, we specialize exclusively in additive manufacturing, with a keen focus on fused deposition modeling (FDM) and fused filament fabrication (FFF) technologies. Our expertise and dedication have allowed us to elevate these technologies to new heights. We're excited to demonstrate what this advanced level of FDM and FFF printing can achieve for you.

Who We Are

OnAdditive is driven by a team of industry veterans, each with a wealth of experience and a history of success. Our diverse customer base spans the spectrum, from small two-person workshops to some of the largest corporations in the U.S. Located in Portland, Oregon, we've assisted hundreds of companies in reaching their additive manufacturing objectives. We're eager and ready to help you achieve your goals in this exciting field.

How do we measure success?

At OnAdditive, our measure of success is directly linked to our customers realizing a tangible return on their investment. Our dedication to this goal has fostered enduring relationships with both customers and suppliers, a testament to our commitment and service.

If we were to highlight our strengths, they would be:

  • Surpassing Expectations: We don't just meet your requirements; we aim to exceed them, delivering results that go beyond what's anticipated.
  • Profound Technical Expertise: Our deep understanding of additive manufacturing technology sets us apart, ensuring we provide informed, effective solutions.
  • Strong, Lasting Partnerships: We believe in building more than just business connections; we strive to develop meaningful, enduring relationships that benefit all parties involved.

Open Materials Library

At OnAdditive, we recognize that materials are the cornerstone of the additive manufacturing industry. Our expansive material library and meticulously crafted profiles are at the forefront of meeting diverse customer needs. We stand against third-party material restrictions, ensuring most materials in our collection are off-the-shelf and easily accessible. Additionally, we distribute and support over 50 different filament types and offer tailored profiles for our KISSlicer, underlining our commitment to versatility and customer empowerment in additive manufacturing.

Commitment to Process Education:

OnAdditive places a high value on process education, which we believe is a key element in unlocking the full potential of additive manufacturing. Our educational approach extends beyond basic operational training; it delves into how to optimize design specifically for additive processes, from conceptualization to production printing. This focus on education empowers our clients to not only understand the mechanics of printing but also to embrace innovative design thinking that is tailored for additive technology. By educating on these nuances, we help our clients solve a myriad of challenges, ranging from improving product designs to streamlining production workflows. This comprehensive educational strategy ensures that our clients are well-equipped to leverage additive manufacturing effectively, transforming their ideas into tangible, high-quality products with enhanced efficiency.

Your success is our success

With the OnAdditive Family we exceed requirements and define our success as your success. Until you're happy, we're not happy. Turn OnAdditive, Turn on Success.

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