High temp triple nozzle printhead

Print 3 materials up to 350°C (450°C with VHT upgrade) simultaneously and seamlessly.

Magnetic carbon fiber or G10 build plate

Easily swap between build plates for different surfaces and faster turnaround time.

Top-notch support

User centered training and support for hardware and software included with every printer sale.

No locks or limits

Print with whatever you want, whenever you want. No RFID, locks or limits. Curated materials library provided.

PA12CF35 Radar Detector Mold

Printed on 3ntr A4 with SSU04 Soluble Support material


ASA Rear Differential Prototype

Printed on 3ntr A2 with HIPS breakaway support


TPU 95A CV Joint Boot

Printed on 3ntr A4 with no support materials


Mutli-material watertight parts

Printed on 3ntr A2/A4 with ASA, TPU 95A, PETG and SSU00 (HIPS) support

Why three nozzles?

The OnAdditive Advantage

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Additive Manufacturing is more than just acquiring a printer. It's an evolving industry with significant implications for your business. Crafting a strategic approach to additive manufacturing can drive a substantial positive impact on your operations.

Create A Plan For Success

Let's embark on this learning journey together. Every situation is unique, and it's these nuances that are crucial in defining success. By collaborating, we'll pinpoint what success looks like for you and map out the path to achieve it.

Define Resources For Success

It's critical to ensure we're both fully equipped for success. In today's demanding environment, having the right tools and team in place is more important than ever for effective collaboration and achievement.

Deliver on the Promise

Our Success Plan process stems from our proven track record of consistent customer success. With the OnAdditive Advantage, we bring our expertise to the table, empowering you and your team with the knowledge and skills for success.

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Flexible Parts

From TPU 95A to
75D and mixed materials

Large Parts

Print 100+ hour parts
without worry

Fixtures and Jigs

One Week in the Life of a 3ntr A2 3D Printer

How will you use your 3ntr printer?

Do not spend more than $20K on a printer without considering a 3ntr 3D Printer as an option!

3ntr printers, combined with OnAdditive's extensive open materials library, offer the perfect toolkit for innovative problem-solving. At OnAdditive, we're committed to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations, ensuring you make the most of your industrial 3D printer.

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