We asked ourselves the same question, and the best, general answer we can give you is unparalleled flexibility and robustness. Each of these matters over the life of a machine, and can really matter during crunch time, or when you need to do something new, or challenging.

Robustness is all about having extruders available during production runs and or when you need to produce large parts. When you put your build polymer in two extruders, you can use both of them to complete a part, or either of them to make parts, and use up left over bits of material. Kisslicer can even provide failover capability to switch the build nozzle in use based on remaining meters of filament and or z elevation. The third nozzle contains support material.

Flexibility is all about when you load different polymers into the extruder and or run with different nozzle sizes. You can set the printer up to run both flexible and rigid parts without doing any additional setup or prep ahead of running jobs, for example. Or, maybe run multiple nozzle sizes so the printer is setup to run smaller detail parts or larger coarse parts, again with no advance setup, and the third nozzle able to deliver support material. 

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