Develop your Additive Manufacturing Strategy

Additive Manufacturing ranges from a tool for internal part production (like tooling, fixturing, and prototyping) to manufacturing complete production parts, and even reimagining your entire manufacturing approach.

Initially, you might explore it for cost justification or for specific part needs regardless of cost. However, AM is set to unlock creativity similar to the leap from 2D drafting to 3D CAD. With the constraints of traditional processes lifted, additive technology enables new design ideas for both existing and new products, sparking further innovation. These developments are not just future possibilities; they are real, current opportunities for your business.

As your supplier and prospective partner, we're committed to supporting you in this journey, wherever it may fit within your operations.

Create a Plan for Success

Our collaboration begins from our initial contact. We'll swiftly determine if there's a good match in terms of use cases, material, and part requirements, comparing your needs with our capabilities. If we see potential for a successful partnership, the following steps would typically be:

  1. Receiving a file or files from you to assess financial and technical feasibility.
  2. Gaining a thorough understanding of your specific requirements.
  3. Further discussion about materials to explore if additional options might suit your needs.
  4. Producing a sample part or parts for your evaluation and testing.

If there's sustained interest after these steps, we'll present a quote to you which will include a Success Plan template. This plan is designed to guarantee the success of your initial parts and ensure your first experience with us is positive and productive.

Define Resources to Execute

The Success Plan Template is a joint effort between you and OnAdditive. Key roles within your organization are identified to ensure optimal outcomes. These include:

  • Internal business and technical champions who will oversee the project.
  • A designated individual responsible for communicating the benefits and progress of the acquisition within your company.
  • A dedicated operator for the printer, ensuring maximum return on your investment.

On the OnAdditive side, we define our commitments to you, encompassing:

  • Installation and training responsibilities to get you started.
  • Ongoing technical support to keep things running smoothly.
  • Assistance with future orders to streamline your experience.
  • Comprehensive account support to cover all aspects of our partnership.

This investment is substantial, and it requires a concerted effort from all parties involved to foster a successful environment.

Deliver on the Promise

By embracing this collaborative process, our experience at OnAdditive has been one of consistent success. We firmly believe that our success is inextricably linked to yours. Our approach is not just about providing you with advanced technology and support; it's about fostering a partnership where we work hand-in-hand towards shared objectives.

Our commitment extends beyond the initial installation and training. We understand that the journey with Additive Manufacturing is ongoing, evolving as your needs and the industry change. That's why we ensure continuous support and guidance, adapting our resources to meet your growing and changing demands. Whether it's exploring new materials, refining printing techniques, or integrating AM more deeply into your manufacturing processes, we're there every step of the way.

At OnAdditive, we see ourselves as more than just a supplier or service provider; we are your partners in innovation and progress. When you 'Turn OnAdditive', you're not just switching on a machine; you're activating a network of expertise, support, and a commitment to mutual success. Welcome to the OnAdditive Family, where your success is our mission, and every achievement is a step we take together. Turn on OnAdditive, turn on success.

-The OnAdditive Family

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