Develop your Additive Manufacturing Strategy

Additive Manufacturing can be anything from a technology to produce parts for internal use (tooling, fixturing, prototyping) to production parts, all the way to a whole new way to look at your manufacturing business.

While initial use may be considered exploratory based on cost justification or absolute part need (cost not an issue), AM will continue to bring out a creativity not seen since CAD moved industry from the 2D drawing board to 3D Solid modeling.

With traditional process limitations gone, additive will bring new design concepts in to existing and new products. This will open the door for more innovation.

All these things are real and happening today and represent opportunities for your business. It is a part of our role as your supplier and future partner (trust must be earned) to help this process along wherever it is applicable.

Create a Plan for Success

The plan starts at the time we have initially connected. We will learn very quickly if there is a good fit (use cases, material requirements, part requirements) between what you have defined your needs to be and our ability to help. If it appears there is a potential fit, the next steps might look like:

1. Getting a file(s) from you for financial and technical feasibility
2. Understanding your requirements
3. Discussing materials further to see if other options might be of interest
4. Printing a part(s) for your review and testing

If at this point there is continued interest, then:

5. We provide a quote to you which will include a Success Plan template (defining a process to ensure your first parts are successful and your initial experience with us was a good one)

Define Resources to Execute

The Success Plan Template is completed out by you and OnAdditive. As appropriate, internal business and technical champions are defined. Someone must own the communications of success of the acquisition to others in the company. Someone must own the operations of the printer to be able to gain the most from the investment. 

OnAdditive resources are defined. This includes installation and training responsibility, ongoing technical support, future ordering support, and overall account support. 

This is a serious investment, and it takes everyone to create the environment for success.

Deliver on the Promise

Having adopted this process, our experience is consistent success. Our success only comes when you are successful.  

Turn OnAdditive, Turn on Sucess

-The OnAdditive Family

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