Why Three Nozzles?

Our clients are harnessing the power of multi-material printing,
utilizing 1, 2, or even 3 build materials simultaneously. This
capability opens up a range of innovative possibilities:

  • Hybrid Material Printing: Print with both hard and soft materials in a single job, allowing for integrated seals and gaskets directly within the build.
  • Continuous Printing with Dual Spools: Use two large spools of the same material for uninterrupted printing. As one spool finishes, the printer automatically switches to the second, with a third spool dedicated to support material.
  • Backup Extruder Readiness: Operate with one build material and one support material, keeping a third extruder on standby as a spare, ensuring continuous operation and reducing downtime.
  • Multi-Color Fabrication: Create multi-color parts using different colored materials, while utilizing a common support material, adding a vibrant dimension to prints.
  • Expanded Creative Potential: This multi-material capability significantly broadens the scope for creativity, enabling the construction of a diverse array of parts with varying properties and aesthetics, all from a single machine.
Our Material Library

So Why Three Nozzles?

Robustness and flexibility are key aspects of effective additive manufacturing, each playing a role in efficiency and versatility:

Robustness: This is about ensuring extruder availability during production runs, especially when producing large parts. It's crucial to have a reliable setup where extruders are consistently operational, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. This robustness in the production process ensures that large-scale prints or high-volume jobs can be completed without interruption, maintaining a steady workflow.

Flexibility: Flexibility comes into play when loading different polymers into the extruder or opting to use various nozzle sizes. This adaptability allows for a wide range of materials to be used, catering to specific project requirements, and enhances the ability to fine-tune print quality and detail through different nozzle sizes. Such flexibility is essential for customizing the printing process to suit diverse applications, from intricate, high-resolution parts to larger, more robust components.

Together, robustness and flexibility form the backbone of a dynamic and efficient additive manufacturing process, enabling a broad spectrum of production possibilities and ensuring reliability in diverse printing scenarios.

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The 3 Nozzle Advantage

Unparalleled flexibility and robustness. Combine polymers to create more efficient parts, like built in water tight custom seals printed in place with TPU 95A directly into ABS, ASA, PETG and more. Combine soluble and non-soluble support to save print time and costs, mix polymers to create more efficient structures. The possibilities are endless with multi-material 3D printing, the possiblities are endless with OnAdditive.

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