Why Three Nozzles?

Our customers are printing with 1, 2, or 3 build materials at the same time. Here are a few good reasons:

1)      Print hard and soft material at the same time creating seals and gaskets where needed

2)   Print with two large spools of the same material, when one spool is used up it will

automatically move to the 2nd spool, and the 3rd spool is your support material

3)   Print with one build material and one support material

and have a 3rd extruder ready to go as a spare

4)   Multi-color prints with common support material

5)   Enhance your creativity in building a wide range of parts

Our Material Library

Why Three Nozzles?

Robustness is all about having extruders available during
production runs and or when you need to produce large parts.

Flexibility is all about when you load different polymers into
the extruder and or run with different nozzle sizes.

Watch the video to learn more!

The 3 Nozzle Advantage

Unparalleled flexibility and robustness. Combine polymers to create more efficient parts, like built in water tight custom seals printed in place with TPU 95A directly into ABS, ASA, PETG and more. Combine soluble and non-soluble support to save print time and costs, mix polymers to create more efficient structures. The possibilities are endless with multi-material 3D printing, the possiblities are endless with OnAdditive.

Turn OnAdditive, Turn On Sucess!

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