Nylon 645

Color: Natural
Weight: 1kg
Filament Size: 2.85mm
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Nylon 645 is a nylon 6/9, or a variant of nylon 6 with a crystallinity optimization process. 645 is a 50% transparent white color. 645 will dye with acid based dyes, and it maintains the slippery surface feature of nylons.

645 is a preferred polymer when parts to be printed will be subject to high stresses and temperatures. It handles stress at elevated temperatures as high as 160°C with a high degree of chemical resistance.

As with all nylons, warp can be a problem, our N1 support helps to control it, often brim is also required, depending on the geometry of the part.

Support materials: Breakaway - SAC1060, SSU09

Use N1 for basic breakaway support and SSU09 for soluble support and to control more complex geometry.  SSU09 provides better warp control and the ability to add support to the top of parts, which N1 generally does not.”.

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