PA12-CF-35 High Temp. Nylon Carbon

Size: 1kg
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OnAdditive’s PA12-CF-35 is 35% carbon filled, ESD safe material that has high strength, stiffness and toughness with a surface resistivity of ≤E9.  PA12-CF-35 is moderately hygroscopic, meaning it will absorb and retain some moisture from the atmosphere, affecting visual quality and mechanical properties. For best appearance and mechanical properties, print and store filament in a RH controlled environment. If necessary, dry filament in an oven at 80°C. (175 °F) for 3 – 4 hours. 

 PA12-CF-35 is well suited for printing ducting in automotive and aerospace applications, casting patterns, composite tooling and prosthesis. For demanding applications within the aerospace and automotive industries, the filament provides high heat deflection temperatures. The dimensional stability also increases compared to standard nylon due to the additional of carbon fiber. In addition, PA12-CF-35 increases stiffness and strength in load bearing orientations while showing less warping than standard nylon. 

Support materials: SSU00 Breakaway, SSU09 Soluble 

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